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Jim Marshall, John Barrow, & Jack Kingston Received Failing Grades From CBC Monitor




Three U.S. Congressmen from Georgia received failing reports recently from the CBC (Congressional Black Caucus) Monitor because of voting records that do not reflect the Black concensus. Jim Marshall, John Barrow, and Jack Kingston can be found in their respective positions at the end of this article.




Left to right: U.S. Congressmen Jim Marshall, John Barrow, & Jack Kingston; all from Georgia and all with failing CBC scores




The CBC Monitor is a group of nonpartisan African Americans who believe that the Congressional Black Caucus should represent the political will of black communities, rather than the will of party leaders, campaign contributors, or corporate donors.  Twice yearly, the Monitor teams up with the Black Agenda Report and issues a report card listing those U.S. Congressmen who represent districts with 25% or more African Americans. 


The Black consensus is simply the range of political opinion among African Americans.


Find below a complete list from across the country of all members of Congress with 25% or more African Americans in their districts, including their scores, as per the CBC Monitor Report Card.


member                           party     state     score       Percentage of black

                                                                                       voters in district


Serrano, Jose                   D          NY         90                     36%

Castor, Kathy                    D          FL          80                     28.%

Cohen, Steve                   D          TN          80                     59.7%

Engel, Eliot                       D          NY          80                     32.3%

Miller, Brad                       D          NC          80                     27.1%

Slaughter, Louise            D          NY           80                    29.2%

Brady, Robert                  D          PA           75                    44.7%

Hoyer, Steny                    D          MD          70                    30.3%

Ruppersberger,Dutch     D          MD          70                    27.3%

Spratt, John                     D          SC           70                    32.3%

Barrow, John                D          GA           60                    44.8%

Melancon, Charlie           D           LA           50                    30.30%

Ross, Mike                      D           AR           50                    25%

Marshall, Jim                 D          GA           40                    32.6%

Etheridge, Bob                D          CN           30                    30.4%

McCrery, Jim                   R           LA           20                    33.50%

Pickering, Chip                R          MS           15                    36.3%

Alexander, Rodney         R          LA            10                    33.90%

Baker, Richard                R           LA           10                    33.3%

Boustany, Charles          R           LA           10                     25%

Hayes, Robin                  R           NC           10                    26.7%

Bonner, Jo                      R           AL             0                     28.1%

Everett, Terry                 R          AL              0                     29.6%

Forbes, Randy               R           VA             0                    33.3%

Kingston, Jack            R           GA             0                    25.1%

Rogers, Mike                 R           AL             0                    32.4%

Steve Chabot                 R           O               0                    27.5%

Wicker, Roger               R           MS             0                    26.3%

Wilson, Joe                    R          SC              0                   26.4%






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