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Libertarian Presidential Candidate Could Pull From Republican Voter Base; Boost Obama’s Chances





By Amanda Smith


Former Republican Congressman from Georgia, Bob Barr became the presidential candidate for the Libertarian party in May 2008.  Although most serious election followers believe that Barr will receive about 1% of the vote, some have raised the question of Barr’s possible pull of Republican votes from John McCain, particularly in Georgia. 




Libertarian Presidential Candidate Bob Barr



Texan Republican Ron Paul recently abandoned his own bid for the presidency and Barr hopes to draw from the grass roots movement left behind.  This could result in mayhem in the general election, much like when Ross Perot and Ralph Nader joined the election bandwagon as third-party candidates.


Barr will be on the ballot in thirty states and has an opportunity to hurt the McCain bid in several states, including Alaska, Colorado, and Georgia.  U.S. Senator Johnny Isakson from Georgia believes that Obama’s chances are good in Georgia if early polls hold up and Obama pours heavy financial resources into the state. 


There are approximately 600,000 unregistered black voters in Georgia alone.  If a significant number of these individuals register and vote, the impact could be tremendous.  Because Obama relied on registered black voters in the primary, swaying this group of over a half million people is vital; the more black votes a candidate has, the less whites he has to bring into his camp.  However, Obama feels that he will be able to acquire significant white votes by concentrating on younger voters.




Barack Obama is confident of young, white vote



Most Republicans reject that Barr can make any significant showing in any state, but the large turnout of young whites and African Americans in the primary cannot be ignored.  With Obama’s considerable campaign funds, the once unreachable state of Georgia for Democratic nominees could now become winnable.




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