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Marshall & Barrow


Hang On


Against Odds


By Amanda Smith 

Despite the fact that Republicans swept nearly every statewide office in Georgia, two Democratic congressmen in highly competitive races and have won by narrow margins.


Jim Marshall of Macon in the Eighth Congressional District and John Barrow of Savannah in the 12th District faced opponents who were former congressmen and the National Republican Congressional Committee, who spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on the races.  In addition, President Bush campaigned in each district twice.


Mr. Marshall won with 50.5% of the vote and a 1,733 vote edge on Governor Sonny Perdue and Senator Saxby Chamblissí home turf.  Mr. Barrow held on to and 884 lead with a 50.3% edge over Republican challenger Max Burns, Jr.  Both men, the only white Democrats from Georgia in Congress, counted on their incumbency and their conservative records while attempting to get black voters to the polls.


In both districts, Republicans tried to paint Mr. Marshall and Mr. Barrow as likely to raise taxes and grant amnesty to illegal immigrants.  On top of that, the incumbents were unable to bring in Democrats with national name recognition due to their unpopularity in a part of the country where Bush is well-liked, but were able to hang onto their seats.


Now it is understood by many why congressmen Marshall and Barrow ran from the liberal wing of the Democratic Party in their commercials and statements.  Basically, both candidates took the black vote for granted and reached out to their more conservative white constituents.  If they had not done these things, they probably both would have lost their races.

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