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Roy Dennard                             Greg Dunn 




28 Weeks Later


Roy Dennard - 7 out of 10

Greg Dunn - 7 out of 10



If there's blood, guts, pillaging, rapes, and murders in it, it must be distributed by Fox Atomic.  28 Weeks Later is the latest masterpiece by these purveyors of fine film making, who also boast ground-breakers like The Hills Have Eyes 1 and 2, amongst their accomplishments.  28 Weeks Later is the sequel to the 2003 cult fave 28 Days Later, which has London overrun by people carrying something called the Rage Virus, that changes ordinary folk into ravening, mindless, flesh-eating zombies. 28 Weeks finds several survivors including Alice and Don (Catherine McCormick, Robert Carlyle) from the original movie hiding in a farmhouse in the country, when they are attacked by a group of the infected.  After a briek skirmish, Alice is cornered in the attic by the monsters, and a frightened Don leaves her behind to save his own skin.  28 weeks later, haunted by his cowardice, Don welcomes his children, Tammy and Andy (Imogen Poots, Mackintosh Muggleton), home to a virus-free London that's under martial law.  Searching for memories of their mother, the kids bolt to find their old house and gather souvenirs and discover that she is still alive and also immune to the virus, making her very valuable to the government.  All three are brought back by the military and Alice is placed into quarantine.  When Don tries to re-unite with her, she infects him, setting off an outbreak of the Rage Virus that spreads like wildfire, and anarchy soons runs rampart, as a destructive rage-infected mob of maniacal flesh-eaters grows ever larger.  Unable to contain the infected, the order is given to destroy everyone.  A desperate band of refugees including Tammy, Andy, chief medical officer Scarlet (Rose Byrne), and AWOL sniper Doyle (Jeremy Renner) set out to reach safety in the form of helicopter pilot Flynn (Harold Perrineau, LOST) before London is fire-bombed.  Meanwhile, not only is the group in danger of being picked off by soldiers bent on exterminating everyone in sight, but they're also being stalked by a Rage-crazed Don.  28 Weeks doesn't skimp on the gore factor, and the action moves fast and furious once it starts, but it's not quite as smart as its predecessor.  It has plot holes that you can drive a truck through.  For instance, Don has free run of a government facility that's in place to stop a potentially world-ending event.  And how do two mere kids evade trained soldiers long enough to slip away from a quarantined area?  28 Weeks isn't the worst zombie flick ever made, but it disappoints in the realization that it obviously could have been so much better.  Sequels are all the Rage (rage, get it?) these days though, so you can probably look forward to another installment of this franchise.  28 Months Later, anyone?


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Macon, Georgia



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