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Roy Dennard - 8 out of 10

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Fracture is the type of movie that rarely gets made these days.  It has wit, intelligence, style, and terrific acting by a stellar cast.  The storyline finds ambitious assistant DA Willy Beachum (Ryan Gosling) having to prosecute filthy rich aeronautics engineer Ted Crawford (Anthony Hopkins channeling Hannibal Lecter) for the attempted murder of his wife, who just happened to be sleeping with the detective who was called to the murder scene.  Given the fact that Crawford gives a full confession, this should be an easy win for the arrogant young Willy, right?  Wrong!  Crawford shows up for court, announces that he will be representing himself, and promptlu spends the day doodling on a legal pad, looking for all the world like a doddering, defenseless old man.  It's only a ruse, though.  As the trial progresses, Crawford emerges from his sheep's clothing, revealing himself as an exceedingly crafty and feral wolf.  He gets himself aquitted with astonishing ease, beating Willy at his own game, taunting him unmercifully each step of the way.  Movie over.  The bad guy wins, right?  Wrong again!  Willy soon comes to the chilling realization that Crawford's revenge isn't over yet and that he won't be satisfied until everyone who has wronged him has paid the ultimate price.  Fracture features a mental chess game between two worthy adversaries for the highest of stakes: life or death.  Hopkins brings his trademark malevolence to the role of Ted Crawford.  He's coiled and ready to strike, fangs dripping with venom, from the moment he appears onscreen.  Gosling, too, aquits himself nicely, portraying a man who thought he had all the answers only to learn that he was asking the wrong questions to begin with.  Cerebral, yet fast-paced, Fracture is a rare and welcome change of pace for moviegoers.  See it.  You won't be disappointed, I promise.


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