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Roy Dennard                             Greg Dunn 






Roy Dennard - 8.5 out of 10

Greg Dunn - 9 out of 10



Plot:  Jim Ellis is an inner city coach who forms a swim team at a rundown Philadelphia Rec Center in the 1970's.


What's Going On:  It's the '70s and a brother can't get no respect.  Even a brother with a degree in mathematics and a championship pedigree in swimming.  So Jim Ellis (Terrence Howard), facing prejudice from all sides, ends up accepting a low paying position cleaning up a rec center in Philly's Nicetown District.  Once there, Ellis meets six teenagers in need of a nudge in the right direction and VOILA! the PDR (Philadelphia Department of Recreation) swim team is born, with disastrous results at first.


Why You Should See It:  I know.....Another underdog story, and that's exactly what Pride is.  The PDR swimmers show up for their first meet in cut-offs, not knowing a breaststroke from a breast from KFC and are promptly thrashed to within an inch of their lives.  Ellis, however, realizes their potential and instills within them a sense of hard work, confidence, and ultimately, pride (hence the title).  Of course, there are the usual bad guys to overcome.  Gary Sturgis (Daddy's Little Girls) plays a local drug dealer determined to corrupt the kids.  And Tim Arnold (True Lies) is the elitist coach of uptown (and upscale) Mainline's swim team, who believes that white is definitely right.  Terrence Howard gives his usual excellent performance, aptly portraying a black man in an America that was just beginning to emerge from racial oppression.  Never mind the cliches, see Pride for the much-needed positive messages it conveys.


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