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Roy Dennard - 9 out of 10

Greg Dunn - 9 out of 10



This week's movie features Mark Wahlberg who's making quite a name for himself these days in Hollywood.  He had a hit in 2005's 4 Brothers and came back even stronger in 2006's Scorsese opus, The Departed, holding his own alongside heavy hitters Matt Damon, Leonardo DeCaprio, and Jack Nicholson.  2007 finds him back and in fine form in the fast paced and smartly written Shooter, as retired Army sniper Bobby Lee Swagger, a man so deadly he can hit a target from over 2000 yards away.  Swagger is perfectly content to live out his days off the radar when he's enticed out of retirement by a shadowy Colonel (Danny Glover, Lethal Weapon) to thwart an assassination attempt orchestrated by a crooked Senator (Ned Beatty).  He then ends up framed for the crime, wounded, and on the run.  The colonel has picked the wrong guy to mess with however, as Swagger eludes a nationwide dragnet and brings the fight to his doorstep with the ferocity of a cornered wolf.  Once the action starts, Swagger employs an impressive array of hand-to-hand and weaponry skills to dispatch the bad guys.  Shooter has an interesting plot, suspense, humor, and a sense of justice (the villains definitely get theirs).  Bobby Lee Swagger is a hero that you can root for, thanks to Wahlberg's hard edged portrayal of a man who sees the world in black and white with no gray areas allowed.  Sequel, anyone?



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