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Independence Day
Many Artists are Making Strides Independently

By Ivan Grey

As we move further into the 21st Century, the record label as we have come to know it throughout the last 20 years has become less significant in music. According to Forbes Magazine, in the 1980s, "84 albums sold more than 5 million copies, 19 albums sold over 10 million. In 2011, only 3 CDs sold over 3 million units." The labels are scrambling, trying to maintain a grip on the artist that are left signed to contracts. As it becomes apparent that millions of people have stopped buying CD's, labels are expanding contracts so that the artist owe them a percentage of concert sales, ringtones, merchandise and whatever other forms of revenue that in the past artists used to survive on. Today it is becoming increasingly more profitable for artist to release their own music and sell it independently and/or via the internet.

This month The Informer highlights several artists with great music and/or exceptional CD's released independently. Most have websites you can visit and download their music or just view them on youtube.

Jazzy, Groovy, Inspirational are three words that immediately comes to mind when listening to Jarrard. This is definitely a CD that would stay in heavy rotation; one that can be played from beginning to end. It could easily be regarded as adult contemporary, yet there are hip hop beats and a few rap verses sprinkled in as well. In the end, there are a mix of genres easily appealing to all audiences. "Lucky Day," "Never See Her Again," "Around the World," and "Healer" are definitely highlights. CD is sold on as well as


Jimmy Dyce has something to say. He's not just rapping to hear himself. A self proclaimed 'born lyricist," spits fire on his mixtape while he "waits on the revolution." Dyce rhymes on original beats as well as classic hip hop instrumentals like Biggie's "Everyday Struggle," while he asks "Am I wrong for trying to make you think while I make you dance?" Dyce has put his Brick City home of Newark NJ on his back as he continues to tour cities like Atlanta, LA and some areas overseas to make a name for himself. Check him out online at or follow him on twitter @jimmysodope.


This brother sister combo out of Freeport Long Island have been recording together for years. They are independent artist that combine well as a team for several songs as well. Too Swagg has a mix tape that can be downloaded at
One of the hottest songs on the mixtape is "Popular."

Sydni has lots of music on youtube. She's a 17-year old student of music with a compelling voice and masterful songwriting skills. She has been writing her own songs for over 3 years now. Some of her highlights include "Stupid," and "So Last year."


Brooklyn NYC's Monet brings you in her home and heart with her "Lifesize Mirror" release. With her lovely, jazzy tracks played just beneath her on flute, the combination is mesmerizing. Monet's infectuous style of her own will entyce you to stay in her 'house' once pressing play. Incredible, melodic, jazzy, comforting beats throughout "Lifesize Mirror" reflect an unforgettable image. A perfect combination on all levels. Highlights include the slamming "Awakening," "Vain," and "Free" Check her out at as well as


Macon Georgia's own Doski Wo has been putting it down in the Mac for some years now. His unique style is his appeal. Laid back, easy flow and slick beats encompass his "C-Minor" release. The Dungeon family/Andre 3000 influence can be felt throughout but especially in slamming joints like "Fly Ways," "Fish Burns," and "Precipitation Interpretation." Doski's style is no style. He's all over the place with harmony, wit, rhymes and his extraordinary style of his very own. Check out Doski on Youtube and


Valdosta's own Kesa King has been making a name for herself throughout the Georgia and ATL area for the last year or so. She's been compared a lot to Rihanna but strives to make her own name shine in the spotlight. Continuously in the studios of Atlanta laying down vocals and new tracks, Kesa has began turning heads of many industry insiders. She's made several of her tracks available on Some of her top songs include the dance track, "Wrong Love," "Lights, Camera, Action," and "Go On."