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Wake Up Macon

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Wake Up Macon!

November 2006



How Well Do You Know Your City?


By James Wright


How well do you know your city?  Most of you would say “I know everything I need to know about my city.”  But that’s where you would be wrong.  There are so many things that go unrecognized in the city of Macon.  For example, look at Atlanta, Georgia’s educational background.  There are so many students that take advantage of financial resources in order to get a college education and they succeed in life.  As for Macon, each year thousands of youth fail to meet college entry and scholarship deadlines because of insufficient planning.  As we all know, failure to recognize the resources in your local city that can aid you financially can prevent you from becoming highly successful.  In order to achieve this, Macon needs to recognize the laid back mentality our community has.  We can make a difference in the community by using all of our resources to our advantage to succeed, not only as citizens, but as individuals. 


Too many of us will choose a job that has no ladder of success, suppressed by the local businesses by being given less advantageous positions with no opportunity to excel.  There’s a saying that the students that sit in the front of the class are the ones who want to succeed and make it to the top whereas the ones that sit in the back are more suppressed and want to “just get by”. 


If Macon would use its resources wisely, we can change from a city that seems hopeless into a city of high success.  If Atlanta can do it, we can too.  For example, Atlanta has a Workforce Development that helps its citizens gain knowledge of what resources are out there for them.  In order to keep its city profiting and its citizens succeeding, they have an outline that is as follows:


Atlanta Workforce Development

Mission statement – To operate an integrated system that will meet the developing workforce needs and provide quality services to all citizens of the City of Atlanta.

The Atlanta Workforce Development Agency (AWDA) will create the most efficient and effective workforce development system to meet the needs of Atlanta.



AWDA enables each locality to develop a unified training system that will increase the employment, retention, and earnings by participants and, as a result, improve the quality of the workforce, reduce welfare dependency, and enhance the productivity and competitiveness of the nation.


Macon is where Atlanta was when The Honorable Maynard Jackson took over as mayor.


If we develop this chain of action we can be one very powerful and successful city, so let’s wake up and get the ball rolling!


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