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Nowak Critical Of Jim Marshall For Not Supporting Obama





By Amanda Smith


8th congressional district Democratic candidate Robert Nowak was recently vocal and critical of his opponent Congressman Jim Marshall, for refusing to endorse and support presumptive presidential Democratic nominee Barack Obama.  The conservative Marshall refused to endorse Obama or Clinton, instead choosing to remain neutral these past months.




Democratic congressional candidate Robert Nowak



Obama has been gaining nationwide support in the run for the Presidency.  According to a June 3rd, 2008  Gallup/USA Today voter opinion poll, Obama would beat John McCain 47 to 44 percent.  This is a complete reversal of the poll’s findings the previous month, which saw McCain in the lead 47 to 45 percent.  “Obama has created a great deal of excitement because of the primary,” said Nowak.  “We have a very tough election coming up and it is imperative that all Democrats support Obama.”




Presumptive Democratic nominee Barack Obama



Obama has been endorsed by former Senator Sam Nunn and Congressmen John Lewis and Sanford Bishop.  Marshall is the only Georgia Democratic congressman to withhold his support in the race.  His conservative Middle Georgia district backed President Bush in 2004 and Marshall himself won his last election in 2006 by only 1 percent.  Supporting the Iraq war and opposing a health insurance plan for children of low-income families are only a couple of reasons to wonder just where the congressman stands.



“It appears that Marshall is trying to be an Independent,” remarked Nowak.  “If so, he shouldn’t ask for the Democratic party’s backing.  If he wants backing, he should publicly endorse the party’s nominee.”




8th congressional district Congressman and Democratic superdelegate Jim Marshall



A Democratic superdelegate with a vote at the Democratic National Convention in Denver in August, Marshall admits that he admires John McCain and Barack Obama.  According to an article published in the Macon Telegraph on June 7, 2008, Marshall said, “I’m not running away from either candidate, but I think people expect me to represent my district.  They understand that I’ve got my own campaign to run.”



“Jim has pretty consistently stayed away from presidential election level endorsements,” said Daryl Morton, the 8th Congressional Georgia Democratic Party Chairman.  “He hasn’t gotten involved since he’s been in Congress.”



Marshall recently received a failing grade on the CBC (Congressional Black Caucus) Monitor Report Card because of voting records that do not reflect the Black consensus.  The Monitor is a group of African Americans who believe that the Congressional Black Caucus should represent the political will of black communities, rather than the will of party leaders, campaign contributors, or corporate donors.  Marshall received a grade of 40 for a voting record that does not represent his black constituents.





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