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Obama Endorses Congressman John Barrow In Democratic Primary





By Amanda Smith


In a seemingly unexplainable move, presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama has endorsed U.S. Congressman John Barrow for the upcoming Democratic primary on July 15, 2008.




Presumptive Democratic nominee Barack Obama



Barrow endorsed and has supported Obama since shortly after he won the Georgia primary.  However, the Savannah Democrat has a terrible voting record in Congress, usually voting against the CBC (Congressional Black Caucus).  Barrow received a failing grade of 60 (an “F”) on the CBC Monitor Report Card for voting practices that include joining Republicans in blocking $15 billion in funding for healthcare and education, voting against SCHIP (PeachCare), and for his support of the war in Iraq.  Barrow also voted in favor of increasing the government’s power to obtain wiretaps without a warrant.  The CBC Monitor is a group of non-partisan African Americans who believe that the Congressional Black Caucus should represent the political will of black communities rather than the will of party leaders, campaign contributors, or corporate donors.  Barrow is also ranked the third most conservative Democrat in the U.S. House by the National Journal.




Left to right: John Barrow and opponent Regina Thomas    



Barrow’s opponent in the race, Senator Regina Thomas (also a Savannah native), is only one of many who have accused Barrow of not being a “real Democrat” because of his voting practices.  A state Senator since 2000, Thomas is described by the Savannah Morning News as a “Person of Impact - for being a voice in the legislature for those without a voice; for fighting, with some success, to keep children from being locked out of the State's PeachCare Program for poor families; for tireless efforts to get state help for the neediest people in her District; for understanding that legislative success requires working cooperatively with lawmakers of the opposite party, and for refusing to be silenced even though it cost her a Committee Chairmanship".  These beliefs would seem to align her much more with Obama’s than those of Barrow. 



“My support of Obama and his support of me are reflected in the fact that we’re trying to focus on the things we agree on,” said Barrow.  “I disagree with Senator Obama on some things and he disagrees with me on some things.”  Obama endorsed Barrow in a 60-second radio ad recorded for the Congressman.  “We’re going to need John Barrow back in Congress to help change Congress and get our country back on track,” said Obama.







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