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Obama Slated To Appear In Georgia; Will He Endorse His Biggest Supporters In The Congressional Race?






By Amanda Smith


It is strongly rumored that Barack Obama will make a trip to Georgia during the month of June. His appearance raises some interesting questions about whom, if anyone, he will support in the upcoming congressional races.

Congressman John Lewis of Atlanta (District 5) has been called a hero by Obama – falling just behind Martin Luther King, Jr. and Abraham Lincoln, but this “hero” initially endorsed Hillary Clinton as presidential nominee. Lewis didn’t jump on the Obama bandwagon until this winter – a fact that congressional opponents “Able” Mable Thomas and Markel Hutchins have been quick to point out. This is in stark contrast to State Representative Mable Thomas’ staunch support of Obama since the very beginning.


US Congressman John Lewis


Lewis seems confident of Obama’s support. “There’s not any doubt,” said Lewis. “I would love to have his support; I would love to have his endorsement.” Having originally supported Hillary Clinton, citing his friendship with the Clintons over the years, Lewis also stated at the time that “If Obama gets the nomination, I will widely support him and campaign for him all over the country.” Lewis endorsed Obama after his District voted overwhelmingly for Obama in the presidential primary.


State Representative "Able" Mable Thomas


On the other hand, Thomas has supported Obama since the beginning. When asked in February of this year whom she endorsed, she said “Obama, all the way!” Thomas had some distinct impressions about why so many African Americans supported Hillary for so long. “I guess they’re scared to step up,” she said. “When you have someone that is qualified; who talks about change and moving this country forward, you have to support him.”


US Congressman John Barrow


In the 12 th District, John Barrow, two-term congressman from Savannah will face opponent state Senator Regina Thomas for the congressional seat in the Democratic primary in July. Although Thomas has yet to mention Obama “she has a great voting record in the Georgia Senate,” said The Georgia Informer Publisher Herbert Dennard. Although Barrow has endorsed and supported Obama since shortly after he won the Georgia primary, he received a failing grade of 60 for his voting practices according to the last report card issued by the CBC (Congressional Black Caucus). The CBC follows the voting records of US Congressmen in an effort to determine who votes with or against the black consensus.


State Senator Regina Thomas


Who will Obama endorse when he comes to Georgia ? Good question. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.




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