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Wake Up Macon!

October 2006



Carpet Express' Efforts to Eliminate Bigotry 


By James Wright


Have you ever been shopping and not realized what your money is contributing to?  For example, when you shop, do you look at the diversity of employees in regards to age, race, sex, creed, and religion?


Chances are you may or not pay attention to this critical detail.  For instance, I recently visited several flooring stores that were owned and operated by non-minorities.  When visiting these stores, I did not notice any minorities out front as salespersons or managers, but I did notice that they were all working in the back as laborers.  Even though these minorities could be very knowledgeable or college educated for the positions, their employees did not allow them the opportunity to demonstrate their skills.


These horrific and sinful acts of discrimination are condoned by your contributions to these companies.  Look at it this way: the non-minorities are making money off us (minorities), but are unwilling to help support our efforts.  Let us look at the very successful Donald Trump.  Mr. Trump did not get where he’s at now by being discriminatory.  He is as successful as he is because he thrives off giving EVERYONE a chance to prove themselves.  He does not judge people by the color of their skin, age, religion, or sex, but by how motivated and knowledgeable these people are.


A successful business will build an establishment and acquire the practices of how to keep it strong and how to make it grow using a diverse work force.  An unsuccessful business will build its establishment on bigotry grounds and discriminatory policies and will eventually run into great financial difficulties.


We at Carpet Express like to emphasize on how we are striving to create efforts in aiding to the elimination of bigotry in businesses and employment.  When you step into my business (Carpet Express of Macon, Inc.), the first thing you will notice is a friendly, professional, diverse staff.  I believe that everyone, no matter their race, age, creed, sex, religion or disability deserves a chance to learn and advance in all aspects of business and employment.


Carpet Express is trying to create efforts in spreading the concern of bigotry in businesses.  I believe that once we can open our eyes to see what is actually going on in our local businesses, we can realize how much we, as a community, have been ignoring.  Once we become rational with this issue, we can make a difference in our community and give it hope for a better future.


I believe that our community will achieve a better future with our very supportive mayor, C. Jack Ellis.  Mayor Ellis is working very hard to help support the community of Macon.  Our community and business owners ought to render enormous support to Mayor Ellis in order to achieve the best success for creating a community of triumph, goals, and stability.  Mayor Ellis’ leadership is crucial to the community.


Collectively, African Americans can make a difference in the city of Macon, Georgia.


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