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Roy & Greg's Movie Review

One Night With The King


Plot One Night is the biblical tale of Queen Esther, a young girl who rises from peasant to princess and saves the Jewish race from genocide in the process.  There are some very recognizable names here, including Omar Sharif, John Rhys Davies, and Tiny Lister (Friday) as Hegai, the royal eunuch.  A great film for the whole family.


Ratings Greg: 10 out of 10

                    Roy: 6 out of 10




Flushed Away


Plot - From the creators of Wallace and Gromit.  With the voices of Hugh Jackman (X-Men), Kate winslet (Titanic), Ian McKellen (X-Men), and Jean Rend (Flyboys).  An uptown rat (Jackman) gets flushed down the toilet from his penthouse apartment, ending up in the sewers of London and smack in the middle of a frog's plot to eradicate the sewer rats.


Ratings Greg: 8 out of 10

                 Roy : 8 out of 10



Thanks for checking us out!  Tune in next week for more movie reviews by Roy and Greg


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