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A Message From Chris Horne
Running For Macon City Council

chris horne family

I'm Chris Horne, and I’m running for City Council because East Macon is my home. It's where my family and I are from, and it's where I want to raise my newborn daughter.

This year's elections are extremely important. The people we elect will decide our direction for the next couple of decades, not just the next four years.

Either you vote for more of the same or you vote for a change, for prosperity.

The facts:
- Macon is one of the 10 poorest cities in America.

- Fort Hill has the highest concentration of condemned houses in the city.

- Jeffersonville Road still hasn't be repaved, still doesn't have sidewalks even though it was on the 1994 SPLOST

- Rosa Jackson is Macon's oldest recreation center and still doesn't have a swimming pool

- The incumbent fought against $60 million for recreation in 2004.

- East Macon has lost businesses and families. Crime and poverty have gone up.

It's time for someone who believes we all deserve better.

The incumbent's approach to governing used to work, but in today's world it is only divisive and inflammatory. Success requires the right temperament, humility and cooperation.

After 24 years in office, the incumbent has given us no results and has no ideas for the future. If East Macon is going to grow, it needs the help of partners from all over the city to accomplish that, and I bring that to the table.

It's time to make a change.

It's time to take full advantage of all the assets and attractions we have in East Macon from the Ocmulgee National Monument and Fort Hawkins to Bowden Golf Course and the Riverwalk to the Coliseum Hospital, the Convention Center and the new Marriott.

It's time to take care of our greatest resource: the people of East Macon.

I won't let you down.

Thank you,
Chris Horne

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chris horne
Chris Horne