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Ficklin's History Of Working For The Good Of This Community

Unlike many in the current paradigm of elective politics, Henry Ficklin did it the old fashion way - being engaged in the community, not trying to get elected then seeking to be engaged in the community. For many years, Ficklin has been heavily involved in our community, learning the people, becoming aware of the problems, sharing the hopes and dreams, as well as, experiencing the suffering and the despair of not being fully recognized. Long before he realized that he should seek elective office, Henry Ficklin was in the trenches fighting for equality in street lighting, street paving, health testing, crime prevention, recreation and the list goes on and on. It was Henry Ficklin, who showed up at a city council committee and asked the Buck Melton administration to spare the Douglass Theatre from the wrecking ball. The crane was already parked in front of the building on Broadway. But, Henry Ficklin recalls that then Mayor Buck Melton kept his word, that if one person showed up to ask that the Douglass be saved, then he would save it. Henry Ficklin was that one person.

Ficklin's history of working for the good of this community covers many years and very many areas of need and concern. He has always been his own person, doing and voting for those things which he thinks are in the best interest of all concerned. He has made some waves, but in hindsight, even then, he stood for what he believed to be best for all. He has proven beyond doubt that he loves his home town - Macon, Georgia.

Ficklin is the most experienced candidate in the race for Commissioner District 2. He has served on the City's Appropriations Committee for his entire elective service to Macon. Twelve of those years He was chairman and by all accounts was very frugal with taxpayers’ money. Even with a distressed national economy, Ficklin managed to guide the City finances in a way that avoided a predicted bankruptcy. Near the end of that period, he set up a preventative account for the city in order to save funds avoiding barrowing to make ends meet in cash flow shortfalls. He named the account after his friend and colleague, Filomena Mullis. It was recently used to aid the city’s cash flow while property taxes begin to roll in.

Ficklin states, "the new government is going to need people who understand government first of all and then know about finances, I am that person and that's why I am the best person for this seat." Ficklin's experience in government exceeds those of his opponents. Ficklin also has experience in downsizing and combining departments of government, because he chaired the committee which downsized City government from 23 to 17 departments. He has also served on every committee of the city council at some point. Because of his real commitment to the people and his proven insight on matters of community and government, there is no better person to serve the new consolidated government that Henry C. Ficklin.

Sanford Bishop
Dr. Henry C. Ficklin