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General Leads In GEA's Straw Poll

Winner of GEA's Gubernatorial Straw Poll is David Poythress. Poythress is a three-star general and was over GA's National Guard. He has vowed to fight against school budget cuts and teacher furloughs. Poll Results:

David Poythress 29%, Nathan Deal 17%, DuBose Porter 16%

Great way to end the month of June - our hard work is paying off, and the momentum is building...

·- Support from Educators Continues to Grow - I am honored to say that I won the Georgia Education Alliances' online preference poll for Governor with a commanding 29% of the vote.  My closest competitor, among the 15 candidates in the poll, was Nathan Deal at 17%.  Barnes finished a distant 5th with only 8% of the vote, behind another Democrat and the Libertarian candidate.

·- Extensive Background and Key Issues  - The Atlanta Journal and Constitution published their profile article of my candidacy, saying "Poythress is now campaigning to create jobs, reverse billions of dollars in funding cuts to Georgia’s schools and oppose private school vouchers."

- The Atlanta paper also posted my responses to several key questions on their voter guide.

- Focus on Jobs Pledge and My Successful Executive Leadership - The Savannah Morning News also printed their candidate profiles over the weekend.  From their article... "Poythress talks about jobs, promising to serve without pay until Georgia's jobless rate - now more than 10 percent - dips below 7 percent.  He also has plenty to say about schools and transportation. But, more than anything else, he says, what matters this year is leadership."

- Strong Stance Against Inter-Basin Transfers - My opposition to inter-basin transfers was featured by GA Liberal.  The Augusta Chronicle gave a short report on Georgia Water Coalition's forum last week.  This important event was very well attended by environmentalists from 50 counties, but it was one of two candidate forums last week that former Governor Barnes declined to attend.

We're continuing to criss-cross the state heading towards the July 20th Primary election and are now less than 2 days away from the next financial disclosure deadline, please contribute today to help us keep our momentum growing!


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