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Mike Thurmond Wins Democratic Nomination For U.S. Senate Race In Georgia

Thurmond Calls for Leaders Who will Place Best Interests of Country Ahead of Politics

Mike Thurmond, current state Labor Commissioner, won the Democratic nomination on July 20 with more than 63 percent of the popular vote. Mr. Thurmond will face incumbent Senator Johnny Isakson in the fall general election on Nov. 2.

"This recession has changed me, and it has changed my philosophy of public service. I am convinced that as leaders we must begin to focus not solely on the next election but on the next generation," said Mr. Thurmond. "We need leaders who will always place the best interests of America and our great state before the best interests of the Democratic or Republican parties."

A native of Athens, GA, Mr. Thurmond pointed to his three successful statewide races for Labor Commissioner as evidence that the voters of Georgia know him and his record of accomplishment in helping the unemployed find jobs and giving Georgians hope for themselves and their families.

Mr. Thurmond pointed to lessons he learned from my childhood and accomplishments as a public servant will help me make the best decisions for Georgia as U.S. Senator AND keep me humble.

Mr. Thurmond grew up the son of a sharecropper and the youngest of eight brothers and sisters in a rural section of Clarke County, Georgia known as Sandy Creek. At a very early age, the importance of education, hard work and public service were impressed on him by his parents who taught him the importance of an education and hard work.

Mr. Thurmond's public career includes six years in the Georgia Legislature and positions as director of the Georgia Department of Family and Children Services and Commissioner of Labor. Also, he is a small business owner and author of a critically acclaimed book on Georgia history.

"As U.S. Senator I will stand up for families that have been hit hard by unemployment and are struggling to get by," said Mr. Thurmond. "I will help families whose homes are threatened by foreclosure and small business owners who are struggling because bank credit has dried up. We need a Georgian in Washington who will put you and your family first. This will happen only with new vision, new leadership and a new direction."

Mr. Thurmond resides in Stone Mountain with his wife, Zola, and a daughter who is a junior at the University of Georgia.


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Mike Thurmond
Mike Thurmond