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Vote Henry Ficklin
Commissioner - District 2

Macon City Councilman Henry C. Ficklin announced his candidacy today for the New Macon-Bibb County Consolidated Government Commission, District 2. Ficklin has decades of political experience. He has been a leader to move Macon and Bibb County forward for many years. His life has been in public service.

Ficklin recently returned to the forefront of the public service by winning two consecutive elections for City Council in 2010 and 2011. He now states that "with the design of the new government we need seasoned experienced representation that people can rely upon." He further pointed out those citizens from North to South Bibb County, which District 2 covers, need a voice that will look after their interest and make government work for them and he has always been such a voice.

A fiscal conservation, Ficklin has fought to keep taxes down and promises to continue to do so. As Appropriation Committee Chairman for three terms, he has guided the Macon through some of the city's most difficult budgetary times. He plans to continue to be a voice for the employees of government and look after their insterests. He has a record of fighting crime that goes back to sponsoring an ordinance with Councilman Defore to place cameras in all convenience stores. He says he will continue to work with others elected or not to find workable solutions to problems.

Ficklin says Macon and Bibb County is on its way to becoming a major economic engine in the state of Georgia and needs officials with the background and the knowledge to make the new government work for all citizens. He says that he will work to continue the progress and development of Macon and Bibb County He stated, "I have lived in Macon all of my life and I don't know of anyone who would be better qualified than me."

He points out that while there are advantages to the new consolidated government; there are also challenges that need the experience he brings to Macon politics. "The government may be new, but the issues have not gone away," he says. Thsi is a new start for us to ensure that there is equity for all the people in Macon-Bibb and that the promises made in this new charter are kept.


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