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Wagoner Announces Candidacy for the Seat of Bibb County Commission Chairman

by Amanda Smith

Macon businessman Tom O. Wagoner has announced his candidacy for the seat of Bibb County Commission Chairman, currently held by Sam Hart. The General Election will be held on November 6, 2012.

Wagoner is an Atlanta native. In 1966 he began a career in the insurance industry but was drafted into the United States Army in 1967 at the age of 22. He served during the Vietnam War, and then became a Drill Sergeant at Fort Benning, Georgia until he was honorably discharged.

Upon his discharge from the Army, Wagoner returned to the insurance business and moved to Macon with his family in 1974. In 1980, he stepped into the world of entrepreneurship when he founded Core Management Resources Group, Inc., a consulting services firm. Over the years, Wagoner grew his business from four employees to a company that employs 42 individuals, does business across four states, and grosses in excess of $4 million annually.

Over the years, Wagoner has served the community of Macon in a variety of ways. He has served on the board of Workgroup of Electronic Data Interchange (WEDI) and on the board of Electronic Commerce Committed for the Self-Insurance Institute of America. Wagoner was instrumental in establishing the Better Business Bureau in Central Georgia, an organization whose mission is to advance marketplace trust by setting standards and by encouraging and supporting best business practices. He has served as Chairman or Director for organizations such as the Greater Macon Chamber of Commerce, the Mercer University Executive Forum, the Central Georgia March of Dimes, and the Georgia Society of Professional Benefit Administrators. Wagoner also took Core Management on to win Small Business of the Year in 1993.

Tom is passionate about bringing change to Macon's local government. "I'm running for the seat of Bibb County Commission Chairman because I’m frustrated with what I see," he said. "I've been watching our local government and I don't see it functioning very well; it certainly doesn't represent the taxpayers in this community." Among the changes that he would make, Tom stated that the first thing he would do as Chairman is rescind a resolution that the Commissioners passed earlier this year. "They passed a resolution that any citizen wishing to address the Commissioners would be given only three minutes to speak," said Tom. “Their reasoning was that people get out of line when they are allowed to speak, but I consider this a slap in the face to any Bibb County citizen who wants to have their voice heard."

Tom would also like to establish a county employee benefit committee that would consist of employee representation from each department within the county. He stated, "Any changes that are made to the employee benefits package would have to be discussed with this committee prior to implementation. The way it works now is that if the Commissioners want to make a change, they just get together and do it. The employees are informed of the changes later, yet 20% of the money used to make these changes comes out of the employee’s pockets -- the employees have absolutely no representation. That must change."

Tom states that he will not accept the salary that the Bibb County Commission Chairman makes, nor would he drive a county vehicle. "I'll drive my GMC truck, and if they make me accept any pay, I will donate it to local charity," he said.

Having owned and operated his own business for 22 years, Tom feels that he can bring his expertise to the Bibb County Board of Commissioners. "I know what it takes to make a business profitable, and I know what it takes to ensure long term success," he stated. "I have a proven track record of creating economic success, and I can bring this expertise when I am elected as County Commission Chairman."

Wagoner is married to the lovely Glenda (Raffield) Wagoner and the couple has four children and two grandchildren. His hobbies include playing golf, fishing, and working in his yard. The Wagoners attend Mulberry Street United Methodist Church in Macon.

For more information about Tom Wagoner and his candidacy for Bibb County Commissioner Chairman, you can visit his website at

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