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Robert Reichert Receives 96% Of Votes; Becomes Macon’s Mayor-Elect



By Amanda Smith


Democratic nominee Robert Reichert ran away with the Macon Mayor’s race, receiving 96% of the votes in a landslide victory never before seen in Macon.  With 11,446 votes to Republican opponent David Cousino’s 459, Reichert officially became Macon, Georgia’s newest mayor-elect on November 6, 2007.




Left to right: Robert Reichert and supporter, Tom Hudson




After winning 63% of the vote in a field of five candidates in July’s primary, Reichert’s victory did not come as a surprise.  Once again, he won every precinct.




Left to right: Macon Police Chief Mike Burns, Robert Reichert, and Deputy Police Chief Henderson Carswell



Introducing himself as “Robert Reichert, Macon’s mayor-elect,” Reichert thanked the crowd of supporters and spoke briefly about a community that has come together for the good of the entire city.  “We’ve built a foundation for this community because the message has been ‘together we can,” he said, amidst cheers from a very diverse crowd that included blacks and whites, young and old, rich and poor.




Left to right: Robert Reichert and supporters, Bob Ensley and Gene Dunwoody, Jr.




Reichert stated that his first order of business as Macon’s new mayor will be to hire a new Chief Administrative Officer and examine the city’s spending habits




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