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Robert Reichert Runs Away With Democratic Primary in Macon Mayor's Race





By Amanda Smith




Bibb county Sheriff Jerry Modena and his wife, Mary, were present at the Bibb county Board of Elections during the vote count



Macon attorney Robert Reichert ran away with the Democratic mayor’s race yesterday, winning by a landslide percentage of 64% in the top race of yesterday’s elections.  "I am thrilled and excited with the results, but I am most humbled and grateful by the level of support that has been shown," said Reichert. 


On the Republican side, attorney David Cousino came out on top with 61% of the vote.



Democratic mayoral nominee Robert Reichert and supporters, left to right: Nancy Terrell & Cathy Meeks



Other candidates winning by large numbers include Ed Defore, taking the Ward 2 Post 3 Macon City Council seat with 66% of the vote, Elaine Lucas taking Ward 1 Post 3 with 61% of the vote, and Larry Schlesinger taking the Ward 3 Post 1 City Council seat with 65%.



Incumbent and winner of Ward 2 Post 3 City Council seat Ed Defore and his wife, Pat 



There will be three run-offs for Macon City Council seats.  Tom Ellington and Marshall Burkett will face-off for Ward 3 Post 3, Gerald Harvey and Virgil Watkins for Ward 4, Post 3, and Willette Hill-Chambliss and Miriam Paris for Ward 4, Post 1.



Ward 4 post 1 run-off candidate Miriam Paris and her father, Javors Lucas



Below is a breakdown of the actual percentages received by each candidate in the July 17, 2007 citywide elections:



Macon Mayor / Democratic Primary

Robert Reichert                        64%

Anita Ponder                               17%

Lance Randall                             11%

Henry Ficklin                                  5%

Thelma Dillard                               3%



Macon Mayor / Republican Primary

David Cousino                          61%

Arlan Gibson                                39%



Macon City Council / Ward 1 Post 3

Elaine Lucas                             61%

Victor Hunt                                   39%



Macon City Council / Ward 2 Post 3

Ed Defore                                  66%

David Booker                              34%



Macon City Council / Ward 3 Post 3 (Run-off)

Tom Ellington                             49%

Marshall Burkett                          32%

DeArious Rhodes                      19%



Macon City Council / Ward 4 Post 3 (Run-off)

Gerald Harvey                            44%

Virgil Watkins, Jr.                       38%

Harold Franklin                           18%



Macon City Council / Ward 1 Post 1

Rick Hutto                                  54%

Brenda Youmas                          29%

Keith Moffett                               17%



Macon City Council / Ward 2 Post 2

Mike Cranford                           54%

Al Tillman                                     46%



Macon City Council / Ward 3 Post 1

Larry Schlesinger                    65%

Cartese Dillard                            35%



Macon City Council / Ward 4 Post 1 (Run-off)

Willette Hill-Chambliss               41%

Miriam Paris                                41%

Regina Davis                              18%



U.S. Congress / Ga. District 10 (Run-off)

Paul Broun                                  50%

Jim Whitehead                           50%





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