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Dyanne C. Reese, CMC, Clerk of Council, Savannah, GA, succeeded to the office of President Elect of the International Institute of Municipal Clerks (IIMC) during the Institute's 61st Annual Conference in New Orleans, LA, on May 26, 2007. She will succeed to the Presidency on May 22, 2008  at  IIMC 62nd conference in Atlanta, making her the first African American to hold this position and IIMC 50th President. 


An IIMC member since 1987, Reese earned her Certified Municipal Clerk designation in 1990 and entered the Master Municipal Clerk Academy in 2004. She has attended every Conference since joining IIMC.  She was elected to the IIMC Board in 2003, representing the following states: Georgia, Florida, Alabama, North Carolina and South Carolina.


An active participant in many of IIMC’s committees, Reese has worked on the Meeting Administration Committee creating the booklet, The Language of Local Government, participated in both Educational Summits, designed to improve the quality of education to members, and Chaired the Education and Personal Growth Committee, adopting many educational initiatives.  Reese received the prestigious Quill Award, awarded to an IIMC member who best exemplifies the position of Clerk in their community, city and the Organization throughout and the 2001 Presidents Award of Merit.


A 38-year employee of Savannah, Reese was appointed Assistant Clerk of Council in 1976 and Clerk of Council in 1985. In 2005, she celebrated 20 years as City Clerk. A member of the Georgia Municipal Clerk/Finance Officers Association, she received the "Georgia Clerk of the Year" award in 1994 and served as President of GMCFOA in 1997.


Reese is a servant-leader with team building abilities to bring consensus in the decision making process.  Her efforts are concentrated on maintaining the ethics and integrity of IIMC. Her goals are to build better bridges of communication in Membership Services and Executive Committee and Board of Directors' relations. Founded in 1947, IIMC is a professional nonprofit association with more than 10,000 members throughout North America and 15 other countries, representing municipalities with populations of 1,000 to more than 8 million.  IIMC prepares its membership to meet the challenge of the diverse role of the Municipal Clerk by providing services and continuing educational development opportunities in 45 permanent college-and university-based learning centers.  IIMC offers Municipal Clerks a Certified Municipal Clerk Program (CMC), a Master Municipal Clerk Academy (MMCA) Program and other opportunities to benefit members and the government entities they serve.  A 26-member Board of Directors governs IIMC.


Dyanne serves as Senior Pastor of Family Nation Church International in Savannah Georgia.  She has a weekly broadcast, “The Kingdom Language”, writes a daily e-mail devotional “Daily Bread” and a monthly newsletter.





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