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Wake Up Macon





Saxby Chambliss Votes Against Healthcare For Georgians







Saxby Chambliss has a history of selling out to the big insurance companies and leaving everyday Georgians behind. This week we hear from Amy Morton, a family therapist who's seen first-hand the difficulties families have in finding affordable health and mental health services. Unfortunately, Chambliss has done little to help those families in need.


Click on the following link to watch Amy Morton's video Saxby Chambliss on Healthcare: 


No help with expensive prescription drugs

Chambliss voted against preventing a severe reduction in the Federal medical assistance percentage and extending rebates for prescription drugs to enrollees in Medicaid managed organizations [Vote 291, 11/3/05]

Voted against making generic drugs more affordable for seniors [Vote 299, 11/3/05]

Voted against allowing seniors access to cheaper imported prescriptions drugs [Vote 150, 5/3/07]


No help for Georgia's Kids

Chambliss voted against a bill that reauthorizes and expands the State Children's Health Insurance Program (SCHIP) through 2012. [Vote 403, 11/1/07] Many members of the Republican party crossed over to join Democrats in voting for health care for children, but not Senator Chambliss.

Chambliss voted twice in the same year against reauthorizing and expanding children's health care by voting against HR 976 [Vote 353 on 9/27/9, Vote 307 on 8/2/07]


No help for rural Georgian families

Chambliss voted against helping rural health care providers and hospitals receiving fair reimbursement for their services under Medicare [Vote 89, 3/25/03]


No help for victims of natural disasters

Chambliss even voted against Disaster Relief Medicaid (DRM) health care for Hurricane Katrina victims. [Vote 285 on 11/3/05]


No help for AIDS victims

Chambliss voted against increased funding for the AIDS Drug Assistance program by $74 million. [Vote 178, 10/27/05]


Always a great handout for HMO's and big insurance companies


Fact: Chambliss has taken over $250,000 from the insurance industry in campaign contributions. (Source: Center for Responsive Politics)


Fact: Chambliss' own Chief of Staff is a former insurance company lobbyist (Source: Center for Responsive Politics)


Four polls in the last two weeks show what we already know

Georgia has had enough of the Bush/Chambliss agenda and we are ready for a change. Donate and help us keep taking the fight to Saxby Chambliss all the way to November 4th!








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