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Wake Up Macon!

September 2006


Carpet Express Striving to Make a Difference




By Clarence Thomas

James Wright / Owner


Three C’s lace the voice of James Wright: courage, commitment and conviction. These attributes afforded him the opportunity to help integrate public facilities during the Civil Rights area. They carried him in his efforts to diversify proms in Wrightsville, Georgia in recent years. They are a MUST in his business Wright says and have translated into Middle Georgia’s only Black owned and operated flooring company, Carpet Express of Macon, Inc.


Wright – the company’s Chief Executive Officer - is using the business to make a difference in the flooring industry. The hard charger has committed Carpet Express to making a difference in society as well. This is exceptionally true as it relates to race relations and the fair treatment of blacks and other minorities. Especially in the face of both subtle and overt racism says Wright. “Our efforts have not been easy since we are attempting to compete in a market that in controlled by other non African-American competitors,” he expressed.


Wright insists that minorities are confined to laborious positions in warehouses and on docks as their white counterparts reap the benefits of working as managers, supervisors and salespeople. To add insult to injury, Wright adds that blacks are the target customers and primary supporters of the very businesses that do not make the effort to provide their brethren with high profile, well paying positions. These stores are not itemizing prices for black customers either, according to Wright. “It is astounding that in the twenty-first century people are still being judged by the color of their skin rather than their character,” Wright passionately states.


Wright is adamantly seeking the black community’s assistance in helping to end these alleged practices, he admitted. He is encouraging the promotion and use of Carpet Express in order to help in their efforts to break through the glass wall in Middle Georgia. “Our company prides itself on providing a diverse work force in all positions of employment,” Wright says. “We encourage Middle Georgians to help us help them!"


     Carpet Express in located at 3625 Broadway. Call (478) 788-0195 for more information.

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