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Roy & Greg's Movie Review


The Black Dahlia

Plot – 1940’s detectives (Aaron Eckhart & Josh Hartnett) share the same girl (Scarlett Johannson) and try to solve high profile murder.  By Brian DePalma (Carrie, Dressed To Kill, Scarface).

What’s Going On – Very, very slowly paced character driven drama with DePalma’s trademark psychosexual overtones, cool for the 80’s, but not for the 2K.  Like watching paint dry.  For 2 hours!


Ratings – Greg: 4 out of 10

                 Roy: 5 out of 10




Gridiron Gang


Plot – L.A. youth gets sent to detention facility after shooting mother’s abusive boyfriend, ends up on football team coached by The Rock (Be Cool, The Rundown) and Xzibit (Pimp My Ride, Derailed).

What’s Going On – Bad Boys (the Sean Penn version) meets Any Given Sunday, meets Boyz In The Hood.  The Rock gets more polished with every movie.  Likewise, Xzibit.  The football scenes are impressive and there’s an anti-gang message without being preachy.


Ratings – Greg: 10 out of 10

                 Roy: 8.5 out of 10



Thanks for checking us out!  Tune in next week for more movie reviews by Roy and Greg


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