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Who Is Best For Georgia?


By Herbert Dennard


The Informer has carefully perused the many candidates running for office in November and we believe the following will best serve The United States of America and The State of Georgia.  Too many have died throughout the civil rights movement for us not to vote: We encourage each of our readers not only to vote, but also take someone with you.

Barack Obama will provide tax cuts for the middle class, affordable health care, and a new energy economy that will create millions of jobs. John McCain wants to keep giving huge tax cuts to corporations, and he has offered no solutions for the challenges Americans are facing in their daily lives.

Barack Obama will end the war in
Iraq responsibly, focus on defeating Al Qaeda and the Taliban, and restore America's standing in the world after eight years of disastrous policies. John McCain wants an unending commitment in Iraq and fails to recognize the resurgent threat in Afghanistan.

Let's be clear: John McCain is offering nothing but more of the same failed Bush policies at home and abroad that he has supported more than 90% of the time in the Senate.

Americans need change now.
Barack Obama for U.S. President and Joe Biden For U.S. Vice President is best for Georgia.


Jim Martin is running for US Senate.  Martin would like to make healthcare more affordable and more accessible, particularly to those it affects the most children, families, seniors and the sick and disabled.  He believes we need strong consumer protection laws that will protect Americans from politically powerful special interest groups like credit card companies, insurance companies, banks, and oil companies


Jim Martin is the better candidate for the U.S. Senate. His opponent Saxby Chambliss offers more of the same Bush doctrine (tax breaks for the rich and very little for the middle class and poor).



Jim Powell is running for Georgia Public Service Commissioner against Larry McDonald.  Powell works as an independent energy consultant to states and local governments and supports keeping utility rates low for Georgia families.  He is a consumer advocate who believes we need to have a balance between the rates charged by the utility companies and what is fair for the citizens of Georgia.  Jim Powell is best for Georgia.






Christopher McFadden is a candidate for Judge of the Court of Appeals in Georgia.  McFadden is an experienced appellate lawyer that has practiced primarily before the Court of Appeals of Georgia and the Supreme Court of Georgia for 20 years.  He is committed to justice and has worked with the Georgia Innocence Project, helping to secure the DNA evidence that freed Robert Clark.  McFadden is best for Georgia.






Of course, we want you to make the best choices when you go to the polls, but more importantly, GO and take someone with you!






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