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Wiggins: The Wrong Experience For The Supreme Court


Justice Hunstein has run a commercial stating that Mike Wiggins has the wrong experience and wrong values for the Supreme Court.  He has never tried a case.  He was sued by his own mother for taking her money.  He sued his only sister to gain control of their mother's estate, and tried to bully his sister into submission through verbal abuse and threats to kill her.  The judge ordered Mike Wiggins never to contact his sister again.  


Carol Hunstein

These facts are proved by Mr. Wiggins' own admissions, an affidavit from his sister, and court records.  The facts go directly to Mr. Wiggins' fitness to serve on our highest court.  If he were applying for a judical appointment, the Judicial Nominating Commission would require that he fully disclose and explain his trial experience and his conduct in the cases involving his family.  Once disclosed, the facts would disqualify Mr. Wiggins from being appointed to a seat on the Supreme Court.  The public is entitled to no less information because Mr. Wiggins is seeking election.

In this campaign, Mr. Wiggins has evaded questions about his experience and concealed his past.  Only after the facts were put on the public record has Mr. Wiggins responded.  His response -- broadcast repeatedly across the state by those bankrolling his campaign -- ignores his lack of experience, the lawsuit filed by his mother, his abusive conduct toward his sister, and the restraining order that prevents him from ever seeing his sister again. 

Instead, Mr. Wiggins has tried to distract the voters from the truth and make himself a victim by wrongfully accusing Justice Hunstein of attacking his mother.  According to Mr. Wiggins, he sued his sister to fullfil a promise to protect his mother and to recover money that his sister had stolen from their mother's estate.   Mr. Wiggins further claims that he won, somehow justifying his conduct.  This explanation is simply untrue.

Mr. Wiggins' Sister Affirms the Truth - He Verbally Abused and Threatened to Kill Her.   On Tuesday, in the face of the lies being told by her brother, Mr. Wiggins’ sister authorized her lawyer, Todd McLeroy of Cullman, Alabama, to issue a lengthy statement about Mr. Wiggins' lawsuit.  She also authorized him to affirm the truth of what she swore in court about her brother's conduct.  Mr. McLeroy stated:  

Mike Wiggins’ sister is a life long resident of Cullman.  She is a respected citizen, homemaker, wife, mother of three, and member of the board of a Christian school.  The litigation with her only brother was perhaps the most difficult and painful period of her life.  She does not want to relive any part of that time by becoming involved in her brother’s campaign for a position on the Georgia Supreme Court.  However, she has authorized me to state that the affidavit she filed in February 1999 is true, and she stands by what she said then.

This is what Mr. Wiggins had to say in the affidavit she swore to in 1999 to avoid having to be in the same room with her brother when giving her deposition:  

1.  Mike has a bad temper and strong personality.  Since our mother has been in a coma, he has been very angry and cruel toward me.  He has cursed at me, verbally abused me, and threatened me to the point that I am afraid of him.  He intimidates me. 

2.  On different occasions, Mike has said to me, "Don't cross me," and "I am going to kill you."  He has threatened to have me arresteded.  The last time he did this was last year when I was eight and a half months pregnant with my third child.  I have not spoken with him or seen him since.

3.  I do not want to give a deposition in Mike's presence, no matter who else would be there.  I would not be able to think clearly.  I am scared of him and do not want to see him.

Mr. Wiggins says none of this ever happened, in effect claiming his sister committed perjury when she filed the affidavit with the court.

Her Lawyers' Statement Shows that Mr. Wiggins is Lying about the Lawsuit He Filed Against his Sister.  Mr. McElroy's statement goes on to detail all the facts.  Mr. Wiggins did not sue his sister to fulfill a promise to his mother, to try to save her life, or to recover money stolen by his sister.  In fact, he used his power as a lawyer to abuse the judicial process and intimidate his sister into giving him control of his mother's estate


According to Mr. McLeroy, the facts are these:

  • Mr. Wiggins was not close to his mother and did not have much contact with her.  His sister was the primary care giver for their mother.

  • After his mother went into a coma, Mr. Wiggins removed all of the money in her mother’s bank account, leaving his sister unable to pay for her mother's care.  Mr. Wiggins’ sister was forced to establish a guardianship and borrow money against her mother’s house. 

  • After learning about the mortgage, Mr. Wiggins’ started a court fight and demanded that he be appointed as his mother’s permanent guardian.  Before the litigation was over years later, Mr. Wiggins went through four sets of lawyers and took the cases to four different courts.  

Mr. Wiggins' bullying tactics succeeded.  His sister agreed to allow him to become their mother’s guardian.  There was no “victory” for Mr. WigginsHis sister simply gave in, deciding she did not want to fight with her brother about her mother’s money.  His sister's primary demand in the settlement was that Mr. Wiggins never contact her again.

When he became guardian, Mr. Wiggins asked the court to put his sister in jail because she kept some family photographs and other items given to her by her mother.  After a court hearing, the judge refused to jail Mr. Wiggins’ sister.

After their mother died, Mr. Wiggins’ sister learned that he had secretly changed the beneficiary on her mother’s life insurance policy.  The sister had been the sole beneficiary for about 15 years.  Mr. Wiggins substituted the estate as the beneficiary and used the money to pay his lawyers.  

During the course of the litigation, Mr. Wiggins did not display the temperament expected of a judge and had difficulties dealing with all the other professionals in the case, including opposing counsel and the lawyers who were appointed by the court to serve as his mother’s guardians at litem.


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