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William Lucas Runs For Bibb County Sheriff Seat In Democratic Primary






By Amanda Smith


William (Bill) W. Lucas has qualified and is a candidate for the seat of Bibb County Sheriff in the upcoming Democratic primary.


“The main reason I’m running (for Bibb County Sheriff) is that more and more of our children are being incarcerated with no other alternatives, and crime is still running rampant in the city and county,” said Lucas. ”Many of the crimes that take place on the streets of our community are a direct result of family violence within our homes,” he continued. “I will initiate programs to assist in diminishing these types of unnoticed, violent crimes.”


A native and lifelong resident of Macon , Georgia , Lucas has served many years in law enforcement. After serving in the Air Force Reserves for many years, he transferred into the 48 th Brigade of the Georgia National Guards’ Military Police (MP) Unit. After serving as an MP, Lucas transferred into the 3294 th US Army Reserves School where he taught Non-Commissioned Officers, Supply Soldiers, and Military Policemen.


In 1972, Lucas began his civilian law enforcement career with the Bibb County Public School ’s Police Department and the Georgia Department of Corrections. By 1980, he was Chief Investigator for the Federal Courts when the Texas Correctional System was placed under a federal monitor. “I know and will unify all law enforcement agencies within our community,” Lucas said.


With 34 years under his belt, Lucas has helped lead the Georgia Department of Corrections with its $900 million+ budget, 14,000 employees, over 50,000 inmates, and over 200,000 probationers. It was the responsibility of Lucas and his staff to ensure that all facilities under the GDC operated in accordance with State and Federal laws, as well as GDC Policies and Procedures. While serving as Director of Policies, Procedures, and Compliance, Lucas never surpassed budgetary goals and always completed goals on time and within expected financial parameters. “I know that we will be fiscally responsible for every dollar that is assessed to the Sheriff’s Department, making us fully committed to the tax payers of Bibb County ,” he said.


The son of Vice Chairman of the Macon Water Authority Javors Lucas and brother of Macon City Council President Miriam Paris, Lucas has been married to Sylvia Lucas for 35 years and the couple has three daughters, Audrey, Melanie, & Joy, who have all completed college.


Bill Lucas feels like he is the man for the job. “I know that I can reduce or eradicate the crime from our homes, schools, and streets and make Bibb County a safer and better place to live.”








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