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Walk Your Way to Better Health

Your easiest diet and exercise plan ever

How would you like to fit into a smaller pair of jeans with almost no effort?  Welcome to the easiest exercise plan ever – walking your way to better health and a shapelier shape.  It works like this: Every time you put one foot in front of the other for at least 60 seconds, you earn points.  As the points rack up, you score big benefits.  “Point assignments are a great way to meet your goals,” says Dixie Thompson, Ph.D., director of the Center for Physical Activity and Health at theUniversity of Tennessee.  “People know they need to move, but they don’t know how cleaning the house or hiking trails counts toward their goals.  This makes it easy.


First, pick your program from the following:


·        Lower stress – Brisk walking and light stretching erases daily angst.  Goal: 50 points a day

·        Live longer – Upping activity lowers blood pressure and fights disease

Goal: 75 points a day

·        Firm up – Walk hills to tone up your legs, rear, and everywhere

Goal: 80 points a day

·        Burn belly fat – Energetic activity whittles your waistline fast.

Goal: 90 points a day


The faster you walk, the more quickly you earn points.  Good walking form makes picking up the pace easier.  Try these tips for a turbo-charged routine: Bend your elbows, keep your eyes on the horizon and your chin up, and spring off your toes, pushing off as though you were trying to show someone the soles of your shoes with every step.


Join us again soon for a more in-depth look at the four programs described at the beginning of this article, complete with points earned for each type of exercise as well as extra tips for burning calories in ways you never imagined!  Start walking your way to bett4er health and a more beautiful body!



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